The scum UAF to demonstrate to defend the right of Muslims to behead soldiers #edk #ukip

Originally posted on Casuals Blog:

IMPORTANT: The EDL are holding a demo at 3pm on Monday 27 May at Downing St in a bid to use the Woolwich murder for their own racist and fascist ends. The BNP is also calling a demo but in Woolwich on Saturday 1 June. DETAILS OF UAF COUNTER PROTESTS COMING SOON. Don’t let the racists and fascists divide us.

This is from the UAF facebook page. They intend to demonstrate because in their twisted world the Jihadis are the good guys and anyone who argues with them is the bad guy. They couldn’t care less about the soldier who was mercilessly beheaded in broad daylight, leaving a 2 year old boy fatherless, all they care about is their twisted campaign against anyone who dares love their country. Because murdering innocent people doesn’t divide communities, those who complain about it do. Pfffftt. They are the scum of the earth. Remember…

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